The main memorial field has been damaged again by persons carrying out metal detecting WITHOUT PARISH COUNCIL PERMISSION AND THIS IS PROHIBITED.

    Field has now been damaged by divot holes on

    3rd time – Sunday 22 February 2015 Between early hours of 2.21am and 5.24am
    2nd time – Wednesday 11 February 2015 10pm and Thursday 12 February 2015 1am
    1st time –  Saturday evening 24 January 2015 and morning Sunday 25 January 2015

    Police are following up leads.
    If anyone knows of any information please contact the Police and ask for SNT Terrington and contact John Cross our Clerk to the Parish Council.

    Can persons living locally keep an eye out for any thing unusual.  Thank you for your assistance.

THURSDAY 26 FEBUARY at 10AM – Traffic Site Meeting at the A17 Station Road junction

Calling all residents please come and express your views.  Traffic Site Meeting at the A17 Station Road junction on THURSDAY 26 FEBUARY at 10AM.

At this site meeting Norfolk County Council will be attending to hear  concerns from our Borough Councillors, Parish Councillors and you the residents and to discuss the safety issues and what calming measures (if any) might be able to be put in place to make this a safer junction.

PLEASE ATTEND THIS MEETING IF YOU CAN, park responsibly off Station Road and keep yourself safe whilst at this busy junction.

Any questions contact your Borough Councillors –  Peter Cousins  Mobile: 07718 745935
– Shelia Young. Tel: 01553 828720  Email:

Next Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel Meeting 11 March 2015

SNAP Poster 11th March 2015-page-001

See attached Poster for the next SNAP meeting 11 March 2015 at 7pm Clenchwarton

Any questions contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team Terrington, Terrington St John Beat Base, Church Road, Terrington St John, Cambs. PE14 7RY


Damage to the Memorial Field.
There has been around 58 divots cut into the main field and around 60 cut on the Benns Lane childrens playing area.
This occurred sometime after 9am Saturday 24 January 2015 and before 9am Sunday 25 January 2015.  We suspect it occurred during the night.
The field has been made safe again this morning by urgent action taken by our Groundsman; Michael.
If any person has any information please contact John Cross; Clerk to the Parish Council on 01553 828424 urgently and we have reported this to the Police.
Thank you

ONGAR HILL WIND FARM – Act Before 1st February 2015


See the attached leaflet received from Henry Bellingham.
You have until 1st February 2015 if you wish to object to the Wind Turbines which will be off RHOON ROAD.

Email Henry Bellingham before 1st February 2015 on

Ongar Hill Wind Farm


IMPROVEMENTS AT THE MEMORIAL FIELD – Don’t worry if you have noticed that the main gates have been removed. These are currently being refurbished and should be back in place within a couple of weeks. A temporary security gate is in place which is also kept locked. If you need access contact John Cross; the Clerk to the Parish Council on 01553 828424.

SNAP meeting is on 14 January 2015 at 7pm at St Clement’s High School

SNAP Poster 14 Jan 2015

SNAP – The next meeting is on 14 January 2015 at 7pm at St Clement’s High School, 72 Churchgate Way, Terrington St Clement. PE34 4LZ.

Come along and get involved with keeping your community safe. For more information contact the Safer Nei…ghbourhood Team Terrington, Terrington St John Beat Base, Church Road Terrington St John, Cambs. PE14 7RY on the non-emergency number 101.

Parish Council Resignation

Cllr Adam Hannay has resigned from the Parish Council this week.  Adam has been a valued member of the Parish Council since 2007.  We thank him for all his hard work and he will be missed.


Terrington St Clement Parish Council, welcomes Mr S Phelps of 104 Sutton Road Terrington St Clement who has joined your Parish Councillor.  We all look forward to working with him.

Update about Pet Antifreeze poisoning

RSPCA information about Anti-freeze poisoning.

Most people are unaware of the danger to pets from antifreeze poisoning. Ingesting the smallest amount can cause kidney failure and death, especially in cats.

Keep pets safe. Accidental poisonings from spills/leaks, as well as leaking water coolant from cars happen every year, leading to pet death. Regularly check your car to ensure it isn’t leaking water coolant. Take care storing, using and disposing of antifreeze and water coolant. Most accidental deaths are avoidable.

If you suspect your pet’s come into contact with antifreeze, leaked water coolant or if showing any of these symptoms get them to a vet immediately:
Vomiting. Seeming depressed/sleepy. Appearing drunk and uncoordinated. Seizures (fits). Difficulty breathing. Increased thirst. Increased urination.

Signs of antifreeze poisoning can show 30 minutes after ingestion. It can be two/three days before signs of kidney failure are seen.

The sooner your pet receives veterinary treatment, the better their chances of survival. If left untreated, antifreeze poisoning can cause pain, suffering and distress and ultimately death.

For full information go to RSPCA link.