Terrington St Clement Parish Council

Terrington St Clement Parish Council is the local representative body for this large parish in West Norfolk, near to King’s Lynn and close to The Wash coastline.

It deals with planning and highways matters, community projects and other issues of local interest.  The Parish Council is a voice for the village at borough and county level.

This website aims to provide news and information for local people and for anyone living further afield with an interest in the area.

If you would like to contribute or comment, please contact Karen Treacher The Clerk to the Council at the Parish Office on 01553  827499 or visit her in the office.

Every effort is made to keep this site accurate and up to date, but no responsibility can be accepted for any error or omission.  If you spot anything, let us know!


Street Lighting

The complete Parish Council street lighting stock is currently undergoing a full repair/replacement programme to overhaul all street lights.

7 columns will be replaced as one job and by doing this the Parish Council have secured a considerable discount on the project. The column in Marshland Street will be re-connected as part of this project. There have been delays due to insurance claims and securing UKPN works but the project will be completed in the next few months.

School Crossing

The Parish Council are extremely pleased that through the Parish Partnership scheme and funding from County Councillors Squires and Norfolk County Council a new school crossing will be constructed during the summer of 2018. The crossing will be a Zebra Crossing and will incorporate a raised table in order to slow traffic at all times. The cost to the parish will be £1500.00 which is 50% of the cost of the Survey conducted to determine if a crossing was required and recommendations of suitable crossings for the school.

The Parish Council convey their sincere thanks to all parents who have worked hard to raise funds for the crossing but it great news that these funds can now be facilitated to other worthwhile causes.

Millennium Wood

The Millennium Wood is located in Sandygate Lane. The Parish Council have provided a picnic table, litter bins and improved the entrance, planted woodland flowers, installed an information board and carried out a complete overhaul of the site to provide a natural woodland area for residents to enjoy.

The Council kindly ask that users respect the site and place all litter and dog fouling in the appropriate litter bins.



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Terrington St Clement United Charities

EDUCATIONAL CHARITY – to promote the education (including social, physical and recreational training) of pupils under the age of 18 years and are residents of the Parish of Terrington St Clement.

RELIEF CHARITY – to assist persons in need including students in Higher Education.  Applications must be residents of Terrington St Clement.

For further information or to apply contact : John Cross, 46 Hillgate Street, Terrington St Clement, PE34 4NS.

Awards of grants will be solely at the discretion of the Trustees.