Parish Council Resignation

Cllr Adam Hannay has resigned from the Parish Council this week.  Adam has been a valued member of the Parish Council since 2007.  We thank him for all his hard work and he will be missed.


Terrington St Clement Parish Council, welcomes Mr S Phelps of 104 Sutton Road Terrington St Clement who has joined your Parish Councillor.  We all look forward to working with him.

Update about Pet Antifreeze poisoning

RSPCA information about Anti-freeze poisoning.

Most people are unaware of the danger to pets from antifreeze poisoning. Ingesting the smallest amount can cause kidney failure and death, especially in cats.

Keep pets safe. Accidental poisonings from spills/leaks, as well as leaking water coolant from cars happen every year, leading to pet death. Regularly check your car to ensure it isn’t leaking water coolant. Take care storing, using and disposing of antifreeze and water coolant. Most accidental deaths are avoidable.

If you suspect your pet’s come into contact with antifreeze, leaked water coolant or if showing any of these symptoms get them to a vet immediately:
Vomiting. Seeming depressed/sleepy. Appearing drunk and uncoordinated. Seizures (fits). Difficulty breathing. Increased thirst. Increased urination.

Signs of antifreeze poisoning can show 30 minutes after ingestion. It can be two/three days before signs of kidney failure are seen.

The sooner your pet receives veterinary treatment, the better their chances of survival. If left untreated, antifreeze poisoning can cause pain, suffering and distress and ultimately death.

For full information go to RSPCA link.


OLD SCHOOL HERTIGATE PROJECT needs your help for the grant funding application.

OLD SCHOOL HERTIGATE PROJECT needs your help for the grant funding application.

Letters of support are required to add to the grant application.  CAN YOU HELP and send in a letter of support now, saying why you think it is important to the village and how it will improve our Community.

For further information about the project the website can be found at

Sent letters or queries to the Committee Chairman Bryan Howling, Northgate Lodge, 21 Northgate Way, Terrington Saint Clement, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE34 4LG or via email to
If you can help the committee in anyway ring Bryan on Tel – 01553 828428


 Parishioners can access rural transport by ringing the Dial-A-Bus Service. Ring West Norfolk Community Transport on 01553 770310 Brad Stein Development Officer.

Every Tuesday into Kings Lynn
Serving Walpole Marsh – Walpole Cross Keys – Terrington St Clement – Clenchwarton and West Lynn
Start at 09.45. Return at 1.15pm . Costs £4.50
Dial-A-Bus members with concessionary pass £3.00

Every Friday into Kings Lynn
Serving – Walpole Cross Keys – Terrington St Clement – Clenchwarton
Start at 09.45. Return at 1.15pm . Costs £4.50
Dial-A-Bus members with concessionary pass £3.00

Anchor Magazine

The Anchor magazine can now be found on the Terrington St Clement Parish Church website.

The village ANCHOR mazagine has local news of whats going on in Terrington St Clement including clubs, services and business. It also details the weekly services for both churches.

The Editors Sue and Holly Atkin can be contacted on 01553 828145 or via email

Terrington St Clement United Charities – Have 2 funds available.

Terrington St Clement United Charities - Have 2 funds available.  

EDUCATIONAL CHARITY - to promote the education (including social, physical and recreational training) of pupils under the age of 18 years and are residents of the Parish of Terirngton St Clement.

RELIEF CHARITY – to assist persons in need including students in Higher Education.  Applications must be residents of Terrington St Clement.

For further information or to apply contact : John Cross, 46 Hillgate Street, Terrington St Clement, PE34 4NS.

Awards of grants will be solely at the discretion of the Trustees.


SAVE THE DATE 28 NOVEMBER 2014 6PM – Terrington St Clement Christmas Tree switch on. Come down to the Memorial Field for some festive fun.
Meet Santa, carol singing, festive food and mulled wine.

Organised by Terrington Community Fund. 

. Christmas Light Switch On 2014


S.N.A.P – Safer Neighbourhood Action Panels – Next Meeting

Please click on the following under lined publications for information how you can help raise concerns about your community.  The next meeting for Terrington is at 7pm on 12 November 2014 at Marshland High School West Walton.

What is a SNAP

Details of Next Meeting is 12 November


We have had to upload in 2 parts this time as very large

Click here to open

2014 September Issue of ANCHOR – Part 1

2014 September Issue of ANCHOR – Part 2

Date for entries for the October Issue is 11 September.  Date for entries for the November Issue is 16 October 2014.  Contact Sue or Holly Atkin; Anchor editors on 01553 828145 or email at