There are 16 places on the Parish Council. At present there are 2 vacancies following recent resignations. There is an election every 4 years the last one being in 2015. When vacancies arise the election process is invoked by the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk. If an election is not required any candidates that came forward after the election process is completed would be co-opted with a ballot being held if there are more candidates than places. Any Election Notices and advertisement for vacancies will be publicised on this website and on the village notice board by the Post Office.

Currently the council is in the Election Process to fill 2 vacancies. Please e-mail the Clerk to the Council if you are interested in joining the council.

Your Parish Councillors

George Girdlestone

David Shepperson

Graham Moore

Malcolm Howling

Sheila Young                                    Also Borough Councillor

Alan Hodgson

Barbara Hill

Steve Phelps   –                                 Chairman

Terry Hunt

David Hillier                                    Vice-Chairman

John Cross

Clive Barton

Beverley Scott

Deborah Cliffe

Howard Lewis

Alan Horton